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FAQs for ME[A/R] Online Program

How do I enroll myself for the MEAN / MERN stack online program from StackRoute?

  • Glad to see you interested in digital transformation technologies. Based on JavaScript MEAN stack is hugely popular tech stack used for developing modern web applications.
  • If you meet the eligibility criteria for the online program, do contact your digital team on how to enroll

What are the eligibility criteria to attend the MEAN / MERN online program?

  • Developers with aptitude and attitude to learn
  • Willing to plan and prioritize your work to be able to spend 12-15 hours every week on learning
  • Should have at least 1 year experience
  • Must know any one Object oriented programming language,  Web fundamentals, Data Structures and source code management

How can I get more information about the online program?

  • Contact your digital team to get more details about the program
  • Digital team also runs regular calls to understand the program contents and methodology … you may join any such sessions

Is this program only for resources in projects to attend?

  • Main purpose of the online program is to give opportunity to resources in projects to get skilled on recent digital transformation technologies
  • However, program is open for anyone (meeting the eligibility criteria) who can’t be released from projects to attend the full-time 3 months classroom immersive session on MEAN stack

How do I get my login details to online platform?

  • You will be notified through Wipro email about the URL, login ID and password to connect to the online platform
  • Do check and ensure you are able to connect and login prior to the first session

What if I forget the password or login ID?

  • Your Wipro email ID is your login ID
  • If you forget your password, you can use the platform to get the password reset

What infra do I need to attend the online program?

  • Computer with Intel i5 or greater with 8 GB RAM, 50 GB hard disk available space, Individual head phones with mike
  • Internet access with good bandwidth to view videos (minimum of 1 MBPS per node)
  • If you want to setup the virtual development environment on the local computer, then you will need:
    • Admin rights to install and setup the required software
    • Uncheck any proxy setting from Browser - No-proxy
    • Enable Virtualization (VT) in BIOS

Can I join the live sessions from any computer?

  • Yes
  • You will need internet connection with decent bandwidth (at least 1 MBPS)
  • You will also need a good headset with mike to ensure you don’t disturb others nearby and participate actively during the live sessions

Can I join the online program if it has already started? Can I join late?

  • No. Each participant is expected to enroll before the first session
  • Program is designed to be interactive right from the beginning with self-reading and assignments flow through each week. Thus each week is like a small hill that participant climbs towards conquering the full-stack developer mountain.

What is the duration of the program? How much time should I spend each week?

  • Program is spread over 12 weeks duration
  • Each participant to spend 12-15 hours of time each week
  • We recommend and expect participants to be online each week-day as per scheduled timing (2 hour window) – this is to help plan learning schedule better

How may live sessions every week? Are these scheduled sessions?

  • There will be minimum of 2 or 3 live sessions every week
  • Yes, the context setting sessions and summary sessions are scheduled and run as per program schedule
  • The small group tutoring sessions are scheduled as needed and informed to participants when scheduled

Deadlines are mentioned in what time zone?

  • All time zone are as per Indian Standard Time

Do I need any special software to install to do the online program?

  • No special software is required to install on local computer to join the live sessions OR to login to the platform to view videos / reference materials
  • To view the LIVE sessions, light client may get installed (one time setup)
  • You will need specified list of the software to setup the virtual development environment for programming
  • You will also need to check in your code to GIT as per instructions

Can I do the program from Windows OR Mac OR Linux computers?

  • Yes.
  • As long as it meets the configuration, infra and the required internet bandwidth

Will I get a certificate at the end of the program?

  • Yes
  • Based on your overall engagement through our program, completion of each assignment and completion of the project work … feedback summary will be shared with your digital SPOC / team

What if I miss the Live sessions?

  • We recommend that you plan in advance to ensure that you don’t miss any live sessions …
  • In case you miss due to unavoidable circumstances, you can view the recorded version as soon as possible and ensure you complete the required assignments and reading BEFORE the next session

What happens if there is some technical glitch in the platform?

  • We strive to ensure no technical issues with the platform hosted one of the world’s top cloud solution provider
  • However, if happens, in such cases, do report what you see clearly to mentor through collaboration tool or email
  • In the event participants miss a sessions due to such problems, we will reschedule and ensure the sessions is conducted

What if I resign from organization while doing the program? Can I complete the program?

  • No
  • Wipro  is sponsoring you and investing in you to reskill on newer tech stacks, once you resign, you will be discontinued from the program with immediate effect

It appears that online platform site is having slow response? Videos are not getting loaded properly?

  • Check your internet connection bandwidth, should be around 1 MBPS
  • If the net connection is ok and the problem persists, please inform StackRoute online platform support team via collaboration toll or email

What is the right browser that should be used to view the online platform?

  • We recommend that you use the latest version of the Google chrome browser
  • You may also use Firefox or Safari
  • If you use Internet Explorer, do ensure you use the latest version

How do I get my doubts clarified?

  • You may get the doubts clarified when attending the sessions by asking questions at the right time
  • You can post the question on the platform for the community to answer
  • In case you want to ask the mentor, you may post the question to mentor directly on the platform

What is StackRoute Online program unique methodology?

  • Flipped classroom model – Self-reading of curated contents followed by live video sessions
  • Mentor led – Live online sessions to set the context, explain best practices, to do live demo and share learning from code reviews
  • Focused small group tutoring – Mentor arranges these short sessions as needed based on the performance of participants
  • Mastery Platform – With every click stream recorded, platform monitors and enables higher level of outcome based learning
  • Intensive hands-on approach – Each concepts are backed with specific coding assignments that must be completed as per plan.
  • Code review for continuous improvements – Code submitted goes thru automated reviews that evaluates code from different perspective. In addition mentor and peers also review the code
  • Real environment – Coding is done in virtual development environment with GIT for source control
  • Multi-mode communication for doubt clarification – Questions can be asked at the right time during the live sessions or can be posted for entire community to answer OR directly only to the Mentor OR can be posted on the collaboration tool
  • Summative Project – Real project like assignment to be done in groups and presented at the end. Will include application of all concepts learnt and coding each layer of the full-stack